Diop Montaga, a French Senegalese cherished by Morocco

Diop Montaga, who was born in Saint-Louis, Senegal in 1977, is considered one of the most famous pioneers in the field of humanity, charitable work and culture in the Kingdom of Morocco

Diop, who was born to a farmer mother and historian father, was able to obtain a baccalaureate degree in the Division of Philosophical Letters and Contemporary Civilizations, and a BA in International Humanitarian Law from the University of Paris 8.

After completing a training period at the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, he decided in 2015 to establish the Kérékou Cultural Association, which is concerned with the reintegration of isolated minors. Diop then returned to the French capital, Paris, to complete his academic career in Younes Bou in 2016. He returned to Morocco to join the Moroccan Red Cross as a national coordinator.

Numerous experiences made him a prominent figure in the world of charitable and humanitarian works, to be also behind the first Moroccan cultural kindergarten.

It is noteworthy that Diop Montaga now lives in France, where he is an employee of the Ministry of Culture in France.

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