Men pose as policemen and try to cheat investor of Dh400,000 in Dubai

Court of Appeals orders to suspend jail sentence, upholds deportation order and fine

The Dubai Courts building.

Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeals has ordered to suspend the jail term and uphold the deportation order and a fine of Dh25,000 against two men who had tried to cheat an investor of Dh400,000. Dubai Court of First Instance had sentenced the duo to six months in jail for posing as policemen and trying to cheat the investor. The two defendants were initially also slapped with a fine of Dh25,000, to be followed by deportation.

According to records, the two men stopped the businessman’s car posing as policemen and claimed that they had found an illegal drug in his car. The victim said he was driving when the two defendants stopped him, flashed a military ID and told him that they needed to search his car. “I let them search the car. One of them was talking to me, while the other person searched the car. He showed me a piece wrapped in tin and claimed that there were drugs in it. He warned me that I could be jailed for 35 years,” said the victim on record.

The two defendants first told him that they were monitoring him because he had violated the precautionary measures. Later, one of them claimed to be a captain in the police and said that they had set up a trap to arrest him. “He told me that I was involved in a drug case and claimed to be the head of the squad. He said he could save me from jail for Dh400,000,” the victim added.

The investor agreed to pay the money and gave them Dh25,000 on the spot. He told them that he would give the rest of the amount later.

Once the two men left, the investor went to a police station and reported the incident.

A policeman said the two defendants had threatened to put the investor in jail, but they were arrested after police laid a trap in cooperation with the victim.

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