Kuwait Airways celebrates 70th anniversary with new routes and services

 Dubai: Kuwait Airways is marking its 70th anniversary with a series of enhancements, including a new logo and improved services, as announced in a press conference. Abdulmohsen Al Fagaan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, outlined the airline's plans, including collaboration with national food companies to enhance food quality on all aircraft. New routes with extra flights, a home-delivery luggage service for arriving passengers in Kuwait, and an increase in daily flights to 54 during the summer season from the current 50 in the winter season were also highlighted.

The airline plans to introduce new flight routes, such as two daily flights to London, four weekly flights to Munich and Vienna, three weekly flights to Barcelona, Malaga, Bodrum, Sarajevo, and Salalah, two weekly flights to Antalya and Nice, a weekly flight to Taif in Saudi Arabia, and a weekly flight to Madrid, with the possibility of an increase based on customer demand.

In terms of in-flight entertainment, all aircraft will see an upgrade with the introduction of the Blue Bird Channel. Kuwait Airways, established in 1953, operated its first flight on March 16, 1954. Additionally, the airline announced two scholarship plans for students interested in studying aviation, provided under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, according to Abdulhameed Al Ali, director of the company’s operation department.

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