Sauce Capital Hits 1 Million Orders, UAE’s Food Tech Company Pursues Further Expansion


Abu Dhabi, UAE – February 2024– Sauce Capital, an Abu Dhabi-based food tech company, hits over 1 million orders, following rapid expansion across UAE and Saudi Arabian markets and the launch of CHEW, its home-grown food delivery app. In the last two years, Sauce Capital’s portfolio has grown to nearly 20 kitchens, with over 40 unique food brands, leveraging data-driven insights and market trends to revolutionise the food and delivery industry.

Sauce Capital's mission goes beyond food and kitchens. At its core, Sauce Capital represents a collective force, led by a team of passionate UAE natives committed to transforming at-home dining experiences. Established in 2020, the start-up’s founding team focused diligently on developing a strategic roadmap for the delivery of its future operations. Their innovative strategy merges exploration and tradition, introducing global culinary delights to the region with a unique local twist.

Laying the groundwork included conducting extensive research into market trends and use of data-driven insights to produce customised tech solutions and innovative verticals. The company accelerated its operations from theory to reality by launching its flagship kitchen just over two years ago, producing its first 10 food concepts, and focusing on delivering high quality food and streamlined processes.

Since then, their portfolio has grown rapidly to nearly 20 kitchens and over 40 food concepts, with notable brands such Chic Flic, voted 'Best Fried Chicken Delivery' in 2023 by Deliveroo, and Eggbun which became a leader in the 'Breakfast and Brunch' category. These successes show Sauce Capital's commitment to great dining experiences in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Delivering on Sauce Capital's mission to lead the way in food technology and deliver a product which offers unparalleled dining experiences, growth continued with the launch CHEW, Sauce Capital’s food marketplace and delivery app. A major milestone for the company, the app offers 360-degree capabilities, including fully integrated kitchen inventory systems for stock and production oversight, and their own unique double-layer geo-fencing technology, made to enable their 'Mix&Match' feature. This allows customers to order from different restaurants in one go, with just one delivery person and a single delivery charge.

CHEW by Sauce Capital delivers a wide range of culinary delights to its users, offering unique dining experiences with its customizable mix and match feature and an incentivizing loyalty program. Customers can choose from various options, including Eggbun's famous Brioche Buns, buwagyu's Wagyu Truffle Beef Burger, and Laffa's flavorful BBQ Brisket.

With a business model built for the end-to-end culinary journey, a continually evolving portfolio of kitchens, creation of unique food concepts and development of its fully integrated app, the company has proven capacity and potential for scale and designed a strategy which leverages growth, opportunity and innovation.

Sauce Capital’s success of surpassing 1 million orders in just over two years sends promising signals for continued and sustained growth, bolstered by the UAE’s position as fertile ground for start-ups in tech and innovation. Staying true to the mission of delivering excellence in innovation and technology in the food and delivery space, the start-up has transformed into the self-sustaining, dynamic, expansive, and robust ecosystem that Sauce Capital is today.

About Sauce Capital

Sauce Capital is a food-tech startup headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, currently operating 17 kitchens and hosting 40 virtual food brands in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Riyadh. Notable brands in their portfolio include Chic Flic, Buwagyu, BWL, Laffa, Sliced, and Eggbun. Anchored by the innovative app Chew, the marketplace enables customers to place orders from multiple restaurants in a single transaction, simplifying the process with one rider and one delivery fee.

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