Guerlain’s Ann-Caroline Prazan on mixing cultures, Mideast inspiration

 "The Guerlain family holds a deep affection for the region. I'm enamored with this region; it's akin to paradise," she expressed to Arab News. "The people here have a profound appreciation for fragrances, and they are true connoisseurs. Whenever Guerlain crafts a fragrance for the Middle East, it's always infused with a French touch."

For Prazan, who has been a part of the Guerlain team since 2000, comprehending the brand's narrative has been crucial. Over her 24-year tenure, she has prioritized crafting fragrances with longevity over fleeting trends.

"Understanding the past is crucial for creating the future," Prazan emphasized. "A house is like a mighty tree. You need to delve into its roots to cultivate new leaves and blossoms. Without understanding the brand's heritage, you cannot truly innovate."

"Innovation is our driving force," she continued. "Guerlain pioneered many firsts in the industry – from the first lipsticks and lip liners to the inception of modern perfumes. Even the first moisturizing Nivea cream was a creation of Guerlain."

Prazan's deep understanding of the region shapes Guerlain's bespoke fragrances for its clientele.

"The region boasts exceptional perfumers, local artisans who are truly remarkable. What intrigued me was the fusion of tradition and modernity, blending different cultures. In my view, this amalgamation leads to the creation of exquisite products," she explained.

Guerlain has previously collaborated with regional creatives. In 2023, the brand partnered with Lebanese artist Nadine Kanso to design a fragrance bottle, making her the first Arab designer to collaborate with the renowned perfume and beauty house under LVMH.

Kanso designed 30 limited edition bee-inspired bottles adorned with 1,720 crystals, featuring Arabic calligraphy spelling out "Love."

At a recent event in Dubai, Guerlain collaborated with contemporary Tunisian artist Nja Mahdaoui, showcasing his abstract Arabic calligraphy on Cherry Oud bottles, doubling as place cards for attendees.

The brand also unveiled a series of bottles celebrating Arab design elements at the Dubai event. The Parfumerie D’Art collection showcased the Bee Bottle by Baqué Molinié, unveiled to coincide with Eid Al-Fitr this year. Adorned with hand-placed mother-of-pearl beads and moonstones, the bottle pays homage to the architectural marvels of Arab artistry.

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