Saudi Arabia open to readjusting 150m tourists Vision 2030 target if goal achieved early, official reveals

Saudi Arabia is open to adjusting its tourism targets if they are achieved ahead of schedule. According to the deputy minister of destination enablement at the Ministry of Tourism, Mahmoud Abdulhadi, if the goal of attracting 150 million visitors by 2030 is reached earlier, the targets will be readjusted based on performance.

Abdulhadi mentioned in an interview with Arab News during the Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh that hitting their previous target of 100 million tourists ahead of schedule has led to setting a new target. He emphasized that this adjustment does not significantly impact the ministry's plans, as they are focused on ensuring the sector's sustainability and growth.

The deputy minister clarified that while there may be modifications in tactical priorities and delivery timelines, there will be no change in how the entity delivers. The ministry's role as a regulator includes promoting investment in the tourism industry to create sustainable destinations.

Abdulhadi highlighted the ministry's commitment to creating one million additional jobs in the sector through partnerships with international operators and training providers. They aim to train over 100,000 Saudis annually in collaboration with global and domestic experts.

The Future Hospitality Summit in Riyadh aims to bring together over 1,200 global investors to discuss sustainable tourism, technology-driven hospitality, investment prospects, entrepreneurship, and human capital development in Saudi Arabia's expanding hospitality and tourism sectors.

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