Majarra to publish ‘Werathyat’ magazine in partnership with Saudi Society for Medical Genetics

 Arabic digital content provider Majarra has entered into a partnership with the Saudi Society for Medical Genetics (SSMG) to publish Arabic content aimed at advancing knowledge sharing in the field of genetics.

Under the agreement, Majarra will publish SSMG's quarterly journal "Werathyat," which focuses on raising awareness and providing education about genetic diseases and advancements in the field. The magazine also highlights SSMG's new initiatives and social responsibilities, with the aim of promoting genetic literacy and reducing the prevalence of genetic diseases in Arab societies, according to a joint statement issued by the companies.

In addition to publishing "Werathyat," the two organizations will collaborate on producing other high-quality Arabic content related to genetic counseling. This content aims to enhance community awareness of genetic diseases, correct misconceptions surrounding them, and provide psychological and cognitive support to individuals affected by such conditions.

The partnership is instrumental in showcasing SSMG's efforts to provide healthcare, social support, and educational services to individuals with genetic diseases and their families, said SSMG spokesperson Prof. Zuhair bin Abdullah Rahbini. It also facilitates the dissemination of awareness and genetic guidance through innovative projects and programs implemented by the Society.

For Majarra, the agreement aligns with its mission to deliver the best Arabic content on the Internet. Dia Haykal, Majarra's director of partnerships and branding, stated that the company will work with SSMG to carry out its mission of developing the medical practice of genetics, enriching scientific research, and raising awareness levels of health issues in Arab societies.

"Werathyat" will be accessible through Majarra's paid subscription-based mobile app, with SSMG providing Majarra subscriptions to all its members.

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