Saudi tech startup in ‘augmented reality’ deal with Google

 The partnership between Saudi-owned startup Magic Leap and Google has sparked speculation about the potential launch of a new augmented reality (AR) device to compete with offerings from Meta (formerly Facebook) and Apple.

Magic Leap, based in Florida and specializing in optics and device manufacturing, is collaborating with Google on developing immersive experiences that merge physical and digital worlds. This collaboration leverages Magic Leap's expertise in AR devices and Google's platform capabilities.

Julie Larson-Green, Magic Leap's chief technology officer, highlighted the synergy between the two companies' strengths, suggesting that the partnership could lead to various innovative endeavors.

Google's investment in Magic Leap, which is predominantly owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, reflects ongoing interest in AR technology. Magic Leap, once an AR pioneer, encountered challenges in finding a consumer market and has since explored licensing its technology or supplying components to other companies.

For Google, reentering the AR device market would mark a significant development in its relationship with AR technology. The company's previous attempt with Google Glass faced criticism for design issues and privacy concerns, leading to a retreat from both consumer and enterprise markets.

The potential collaboration between Magic Leap and Google underscores the evolving landscape of AR technology and the strategic moves of tech giants to position themselves in this burgeoning market.

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