Anime favorite ‘Grendizer U’ returns to Riyadh after 40 years

 The world premiere of "Grendizer U," Manga Production's rebooted anime series, took place in Riyadh, marking a significant revival of the classic series after more than 40 years since its debut in the Arab world. The event, held at Roshn Front Vox Cinema, was attended by Ichiro Okouchi, the writer of the new series, and Essam Bukhari, CEO of Manga Production Co.

The series begins its new storyline in Riyadh, showcasing the Saudi capital prominently in its opening episode. Okouchi expressed gratitude to fans worldwide for their support in bringing the new "Grendizer U" to fruition, emphasizing that the series will also feature other global locations like Paris and Rome.

The aim of the reboot is to present "Grendizer U" in a fresh and distinctive manner compared to its original version, hoping to appeal to multiple generations of viewers, from parents to children and beyond.

"Grendizer U" is set to launch in Japan and across the Middle East, with the premiere episode airing on MBC and subsequent episodes exclusively on Shahid. Bukhari highlighted the overwhelming response to the series' teasers, which garnered over 100 million views, underscoring the global appeal and Saudi talent in anime production.

Manga Production has previously collaborated with Shahid on successful projects like "The Journey," a highly viewed movie, as well as series like "Legends in the Coming of Time" and "Captain Tsubasa." These collaborations showcase Saudi Arabia's growing influence in the global entertainment industry.

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