Former French president Hollande says Macron ascendency ‘is over’

 Former French President Francois Hollande's recent remarks about President Emmanuel Macron's leadership and the upcoming snap elections reflect a significant shift in the French political landscape. Hollande, who served as president before Macron, expressed skepticism about Macron's ability to maintain his political momentum and suggested that Macronism, as a political ideology, may be waning. Here are the key points from Hollande's statements and the current political context in France:

  1. End of Macronism: Hollande believes that Macron's ascendancy and the political movement he represents, known as Macronism, are coming to an end. He noted that Macron's presidency may continue, but the influence and appeal of his political vision are diminishing.

  2. Snap Elections: Macron's decision to call for snap elections reflects a strategic move to break the deadlock in parliament, where his party has lost its absolute majority. However, the outcome of these elections remains uncertain, with the far-right National Rally (RN) expected to make significant gains.

  3. Political Realignment: Hollande emphasized the need for a political realignment in France. He highlighted the electoral alliance formed by left-wing parties, including his Socialist party, with the aim of presenting a united front against the far right and Macron's party.

  4. Challenges and Criticism: The alliance with left-wing parties has faced challenges, particularly regarding some figures accused of anti-Semitism and Euroskepticism. Hollande clarified that while he supports the alliance, he maintains his own distinct positions and priorities.

  5. Future Role: Hollande is running to be a Member of Parliament (MP) as part of the left-wing alliance. If elected, he intends to focus on promoting responsibility, finding solutions to national challenges, and remaining vigilant in the political arena.

Overall, Hollande's comments reflect broader concerns and shifts within French politics, including the rise of far-right sentiment, challenges to established political parties, and the evolving dynamics within Macron's presidency. The upcoming elections will be crucial in determining the future direction of French politics and governance.

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