Women’s journalism group rescinds courage award given to Palestinian reporter in Gaza

 The International Women’s Media Foundation recently rescinded a Courage in Journalism award given to Palestinian journalist Maha Hussaini after allegations surfaced regarding her social media posts. The posts reportedly included praise for terrorist actions by Hamas and the sharing of antisemitic content. The foundation stated that these comments contradicted its values of integrity and opposition to intolerance. Hussaini defended her posts, attributing them to her experiences living under Israeli occupation and expressing support for resistance efforts. The decision to revoke the award sparked criticism from various quarters, with some accusing the foundation of succumbing to external pressure and others condemning the allegations as part of a broader smear campaign.

Ina message posted on social media platform X, she added: “Each announcement of an award to a Palestinian journalist is systematically followed by extensive smearing campaigns and intense pressure on the awarding organizations from supporters of the Israeli occupation and the Zionist lobby. “While some organizations uphold their principles and maintain their decision … others, regrettably, cave to the pressure and withdraw the prizes.” Hussaini said she had “no regrets about any posts” and said her social media comments reflected her experiences of living under Israeli occupation and simply expressed support for resistance efforts. The foundation’s decision was widely criticized by journalists and media groups. Some suggested Hussaini was the victim of a “vicious campaign,” others described the output of the Washington Free Beacon as “decadent and unethical” and said it had a history of targeting supporters of the Palestinian cause.

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