Riyadh Season with 14 nominations at New York Festivals Advertising Awards

 That's quite an achievement! Riyadh Season's nominations in 14 categories at this year's New York Festivals Advertising Awards highlight its significant impact and success. Led by BigTime Creative Shop, the creative force behind Riyadh Season, these nominations solidify the event's position as a global entertainment powerhouse, showcasing its commitment to producing creative content of international standards.

Among the notable nominations are "Knockout Chaos," "Day of Reckoning," and "Ring of Fire," competing across various categories such as identity, films, animation, visual effects, production design, and promotion.

Since its launch in 2019, Riyadh Season has become a major highlight in the Middle East and North Africa, drawing millions of visitors during its October to March run, spanning both winter and spring seasons in the Saudi capital. The event has hosted a range of world-class events, including WWE Crown Jewel 2023, Riyadh Season Tennis Cup, Italian and Spanish Supercups, and the Soundstorm Festival.

One of its standout moments was the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, held during Riyadh Season in October. This event won the Outstanding Promotional Announcement Award at the 45th Sports Emmy Awards, further highlighting Riyadh Season's global recognition and success in the entertainment industry.

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